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1.ARP-NH Progress Report Overview

The purpose of the fiscal year (FY) 2021 American Rescue Plan—Funding for Native Hawaiian Health Care (ARP-NH) (HRSA-21-116), is to support NHHCIA award recipients to respond to and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and to enhance health care services and infrastructure.

2.Accessing the ARP-NH Progress Report

1. Login to EHBs. 

Screenshot of the Pending Tasks List page showing Start option

2. From the EHBs home page, click the Tasks tab to view the Pending Tasks - List page.

3. The ARP-NH Progress Report task will show 'Progress Report' in the 'Task' column and will show your ARP-NH grant number in the 'Entity' column.

4. Click the Start link in the 'Options' column, to begin your progress report. 

3.Completing the ARP-NH Progress Report

1. On the Progress Report - Status Overview page, you will see the applicable forms to complete the ARP-NH Progress Report. The report consists of three forms:

  • Contact Information
  • ARP-NH Form
  • Final Performance Narrative Form 

Screenshot of the Progress Report Status Overview page

2. Click the Update link in the 'Options' column next to the Contact Information Form.

3.1 Completing the Contact Information Form

1. Enter the contact information for the point of contact for your ARP-NH progress report. 

Screenshot of the Contact Information section showing the Save and Continue button

2. Click the Save and Continue button to proceed to the ARP-NH Form.

3.2 Completing the ARP-NH Form

1. Complete the following questions on the ARP-NH Form.

Question 1 on the ARP H8F progress report form

Question 1: Project Status

  • Provide an approximate status for your project.
  • If you select "Completed" for your project status, you will be required to complete the Final Performance Narrative Form.

Question 2: Please provide a status update and describe successes/promising practices and lessons learned on the activities supported with this funding in the following areas consistent with your HRSA-approved ARP-NH Award Submission. For each category selected in the approved ARP-NH Award Submission, identify what activities have been completed, are in progress, and/or are planned with this funding. Select N/A ONLY for categories that are not included in your ARP-NH Award Submission: (check all that apply)

  • For questions 2a-2e, select "Completed," "In Progress," or "Planned" to describe the status of funded activities over the last three months.
  • You are required to provide a written status update on funded activities for each category included in your approved ARP-NH Award Submission. NOTE: Select "Planned" and describe planned activities for any funded category in which there has been no progress during the reporting period.
  • If you have a budget modification that affects the funded categories, contact your Project Officer.
  • For question 2e Infrastructure written description, list each minor alteration/renovation (A/R) project (A/R sites are identified by the service site address) and provide a brief update of your A/R activities at each project site. Include your progress on responding to all requests for A/R and/or NEPA/HP Supplemental Information, if applicable. Select completed only after minor A/R activities at all sites are completed.

Screenshot of Question 2

Question 3: Are the implemented or planned activities described above and associated uses of the funds consistent with your approved ARP-NH Award Submission?

  • If no, comments are required.
  • Provide information on any contemplated changes to your approved A/R project activities.

Question 3 on the ARP H8F progress report form

Question 4Are there or do you anticipate any issues or barriers in the use of the funding and/or implementing the planned activities consistent with your approved ARP-NH Award Submission?

  • If yes, comments are required.

Question 4 on the ARP H8F progress report form


  • You may attach documents to provide additional context for any of the above questions.

Attachments section where documents are added

2. Click the Save and Continue button to proceed.

3.3 Completing the Final Performance Narrative Form

1. The Final Performance Narrative Form should only be completed if this is your final progress report. If this is not your final report, do not select "Complete" on the ARP-NH Form.

2. Complete the following questions on the Final Performance Narrative Form:

Question 1: Is this your final report?

  • If this is not your final report, update your answer to question 1 on the ARP-NH Form to a status other than "Complete."

Screenshot of the Final Performance Narrative Form

Question 2: Performance Narrative

  • Provide a detailed summary of the activities performed using ARP-NH funds.


  • You may attach documents to provide additional context for your performance narrative.
3. Click the Save and Continue button to proceed to the Review page.

4.Submitting the ARP-NH Progress Report

1. On the Review page, review your progress report forms to ensure that all information entered is accurate. Access each form by clicking on the View link in the 'Options' column. Click on the Continue button to proceed to the Submit Report page.

Screenshot of the Review page showing Continue button

2. On the Submit Report page, click on on the Submit button to submit your progress report to HRSA.

Submit page showing the Submit button

5.Responding to Change Requests for the ARP-NH Progress Report

1. After submitting the ARP-NH Progress Report, HRSA may determine that additional information or corrections are needed to what was originally submitted. 

  • In this case, an EHB email notification with more details regarding the requested changes will be sent to you.
2. If a change request is sent, your progress report will be accessible to you immediately in your pending tasks queue. Follow the steps found in section 1. Accessing the ARP-NH Progress Report to revisit and update the information in your progress report consistent with the email notification.
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