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This wiki page explains how application permissions work. It also shows you how to view who can access an application that you are working on, and explains how Application Owners can manage application access, so that you can allow others to work on your application. 

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Application Access Terms

Application Owner 

The first person to validate a application into the EHBs automatically becomes the Application Owner. 

The Application Owner is the only role to have "Submit to HRSA" access permission and manage peer access.

Any organization users who have not yet been given access to the application need to work with the Application Owner to be granted access to the application in the EHBs.

Authorizing Official (AO)

Authorizing Official is the role of Organization users who can be selected as the Authorized Representative for an application.

Each application has a designated Authorizing Official who is responsible for submitting the application to HRSA and is the authorized representative of the organization, who will be held responsible for the terms of the application.

The application AO is assigned in the SF-424 Part 2 under the Authorized Representative section.

Manage Peer AccessThe Application Owner Provides access to others to the application.

Access Permissions 

View ApplicationView a read-only view of the application. Users with this access can also view the list of users with permission to the application.
Edit ApplicationEdit the information in the application while it is still pending.
Submit Application to AOSubmit the application to the AO on the application.
Submit to HRSAOnly the Authorizing Official (AO) on the application has this permission for a particular application.

Additional Resources

Application Access Video Page

Screenshot of Application Access Video Thumbnail

View Users with Permissions on the Application

This will help you find the list of users with permission on the application. Also, if you are not the Application Owner, you can find the name of the Application Owner to work with them to manage the application access.
1.Click on the "Tasks" tab on your EHBs home page.

Screenshot of Tasks tab

2.Find the Grant Application which you are looking for and click "Edit."

Screenshot of Edit link


Now you are on the Application Status Overview page.

Click on the section called "Users with permissions on this application."

Screenshot of Users with permissions on this application

4.You will see all the users with access to the application and their related privileges.

Screenshot of Users list

5.The user with the privilege "Application Owner" is the person who can provide access to others for this application.

screenshot of Application owner

Application Owner & Managing Peer Access

The Application Owner can manage and grant access to users. In this walkthrough, you will find how to navigate to manage access for an application and grant access to applications in the EHBs by providing different types of privileges for each user. 
6.Click on the "Tasks" tab on your EHBs home page.

Screenshot of Tasks tab


Go to the Applications List page by clicking the "Grant Applications" link under the Grants section in the left-hand menu.

Note: On this page, you will only see pending applications that have not been submitted to HRSA. To manage access for an application that has already been submitted, click on the "All" tab and click search to find your submitted applications.

Screenshot of Grant Application link

Screenshot of All tab

To find the pending application for which you want to manage peer access, click on the "Not Completed" tab.

Screenshot of Not Completed Tab

9.Click on the drop-down menu next to the Edit link under the Options column.

Screenshot of Drop-down menu


Find and click the "Manage Peer Access" link.

Note: If you do not see the "Manage Peer Access" link here, you are not the Application Owner. You can go back to View Users with Permissions on the Application to find the name of the Application Owner and work with them to manage the application access.

Screenshot of Manage Peer Access link

11.You are on the Application Peer Access Page, where you will see a list of all users who currently have access to this application and their privileges.

Screenshot of Application Peer Access page


Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Update link to see the Options.

  • Update: Edit the privileges for this user.
  • Revoke: Remove all the privileges from this user. This user will no longer be able to see this application in their EHBs tasks.
  • All Authorized Access: View a list of all other applications to which this user has access.

Screenshot of drop-down menu

Grant Access to a User

13.Click on the "Authorize New Users" button.

Screenshot of Authorize New Users


You will see a list of all users associated to the organization.

Find the person you want to provide access and click on "Authorize Access" for that person.

Screenshot of Authorize Access link


Select which privileges you want to give to this user for this application.

You can give the following access: View, Edit, Submit to AO, or Submit to HRSA.

Note: Only the application's designated Authorizing Official (AO) can submit to HRSA.

Screenshot of Privileges


Once you have selected the privileges, click on the "Save and Continue" button at the bottom of the page to give them access.

Screenshot of Check boxes


You will see their name added to the list of users with access to this application on the Application Peer Access Page.

Screenshot of Application Peer Access page

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