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This feature has been made available in the EHBs as of January 19, 2018. 

The Archive feature allows you to relocate and archive Tasks and Applications that are no longer relevant.


Archiving is a quick option to clear up the 'Not Completed' queue and it allows you to focus on the important Tasks.

The Archive option allows you, the Grantee to relocate and archive Tasks and Applications that are no longer relevant. You or members in your organization that have access privileges can always unarchive these archived Tasks and Applications to continue working on them. The Archive feature allows you to move certain types of Tasks and Applications from the Not Completed tab to the Archived tab. The Status such as In-progress, due-date are preserved, and you can always unarchive to revert back to the previous state.

In general, you can archive Tasks or Applications that you created and have not yet submitted.  You cannot archive Tasks that are required as part of your Award compliance.


Several Grantees have Tasks and Applications in the not completed state that are no longer relevant. For some of these Tasks and Applications, Grantees may no longer have the privileges to work on them and they are cluttering up the ‘Not Completed’ view. Some of these Tasks are a few years old, and several Applications are past their deadline dates.

Archiving now allows you to quickly move these Tasks and Applications out of the way to the Archived tab. 



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Archive and Unarchive Tasks

Grantee originated requests that have not been submitted can be archived. Examples, User Access requests, Change in Scope requests. You can archive Tasks that do not have deadlines at any time. For Tasks with deadlines, you can archive them if their deadline is more than 90 days in the past. There are three tabs in the 'Pending Tasks - List' page, the 'Not Completed' the 'Recently Completed' and the 'Archived' tabs. You can only archive Tasks in the 'Not Completed' tab. 

Important Note:

Tasks related to Grant deliverables are required as part of your compliance for an Award.  These Tasks cannot be archived as you need to address them as part of the Award and these Tasks will need resolution before the project ends.

How to Archive a Task 

1.Login to the EHBs.Screenshot of EHBs Home Page 

Click the Tasks tab at the top of the page. The 'Pending Tasks – List’ page' will open and the contents of the 'Not Completed' tab will be displayed.

 Screenshot of Tasks Tab

In the 'Not Completed' tab, list view, locate a Task you want to archive, and select Archive from the dropdown under Options column.

 Option menu with Archive option circled
  Hint: If you are wondering if you might inadvertently archive the wrong Task, relax, the Options column does not show the 'Archive' option if you are not allowed to archive it. 
 4. Confirm that you want to archive this Task. Confirmation window asking if you want to confirm
 5.You will see a success message and the Task will be moved to the 'Archived' tab. Success message stating Task has been archived
6.  If you select the Archived tab, you should see your archived Task. Screenshot of Archived Tab in Pending Tasks list

How to Unarchive a Task

 1.Navigate to the 'Archived' tab. Notice that the Archived Tasks list view shows who archived the Task, and when they archived it.Screenshot of Archived Tab in Pending Tasks list
 2.Locate the Task you want to unarchive, and select Unarchive from the Options column. 
 3.Confirm that you want to unarchive the Task. 
 4.You will see a success message and the Task is moved back to the 'Not Complete' tab. Now you can continue to work on it! Archive List Success message stating Task has been unarchived

Archive and Unarchive Applications

Archiving of Applications is similar to Archiving of Pending Tasks.  Several Applicants have open Applications that are past due and can no longer be submitted without intervention from HRSA staff.  The Archive Applications feature allows you to move Applications that are more than 90 days past their due date to the Archived tab.  You can always unarchive these Applications to review or continue working on them.

Important Note:

Only Applications that are past due by more than 90 days can be archived.  Un-submitted Applications that originate within EHBs can be deleted while Applications that originate from cannot be deleted. Users who created the Application, and those that have Edit, and Submit privileges to that Application can archive it.

How to Archive Applications

 1.Login to the EHBs. 
 2.Hover over the Tasks tab at the top of the page, and select 'Grant Applications' from the overlay. The view will now display Grant Applications 'Not Completed' tab. Circled Grant Applications section in left menu
 3.Locate the Application that is past due by more than 90 days. Application Incomplete List - with Late Due of past 128 days circled
 4. From the Options column, select Archive and confirm your action. Action Menu - with Archive option circled
 4.You will see a success message and the Application is moved to the 'Archived' tab.Application Archive Success Message stating Application has been successfully archived  
5.  Select the Archived tab. The Application your archived will be listed here.Screenshot of Applications Archived List  

How to Unarchive Applications

 1. In the Grant Applications, Archived tab, locate the Application you want to unarchive. 
 2. Select 'Unarchive' from the Options menu and confirm your action.  
 3. You will see a success message and the Application will be unarchived and moved back to the Applications, 'Not Completed' tab.Application Unarchive Success Message stating application has been unarchived 




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