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This module has been made available as of February 28, 2020. 


HRSA Loan Guarantee Program (LGP)

HRSA’s Health Center Facility Loan Guarantee Program (LGP) supports Health Center Program awardees in their efforts to access capital funding and reduce financing costs for the alteration/renovation, construction or expansion of a HRSA-funded health center medical facility.

HRSA is authorized by Title XVI of the Public Health Service Act to guarantee loans made by non-Federal lenders and HRSA exercises this authority by guaranteeing up to 80 percent of the outstanding principal and interest on eligible health center loans.

Eligible applicants for the HRSA LGP are health centers, as defined under section 330 of the Public Health Service Act, that receive Health Center Program funding at the time of both application for and issuance of a loan guarantee.

Loan Guarantee applications are accepted year-round and HRSA conducts ongoing review and monitoring after the loan and the loan guarantee are executed.

The EHBs LGP module supports the application submission and review process for issuing loan guarantees and is part of a larger modernization effort to streamline the LGP by enhancing the transparency of the process and reducing the burden on applicants.

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The below User Guide provides instructions for H80 applicants on how to create, prepare and submit an LGP application to HRSA for review.

Loan Guarantee Program Application Module EHBs - User Guide

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