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1 Bridge Progress Report Overview

In support of the HHS Bridge Access Program for COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments, HRSA is making funding available to health centers to continue essential COVID-19-related services and mitigate adverse impacts of COVID-19 on underserved populations as COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics move to the commercial market beginning in the fall of 2023. Approximately $81.1 million is available to health centers through Health Center Program COVID-19 Bridge Access Program funding (Bridge funding). 

Health centers will use these one-time funds to support patients and residents of their communities, including uninsured and underinsured individuals by:

  • Maintaining COVID-19 vaccination, testing, and therapeutics related services; and
  • Providing enabling services (e.g., outreach, education, enrollment assistance, transportation, translation, care coordination) to support COVID-19 related needs.

2 Accessing the Bridge Progress Report

1. Login to EHBs. 

2. From the EHBs home page, click the Tasks tab to view the Pending Tasks - List page.

3. Under Grant Submissions, look for the Bridge Progress Report Task. The Tracking Number will include your H8L grant number and Bridge-SAPR1-24.

4. Click the Start or Edit link in the 'Options' column to begin your progress report. 

3 Completing the Bridge Progress Report

1. On the Progress Report - Status Overview page, you will see the applicable forms to complete the Bridge Progress Report. The report consists of three forms:

  • Contact Information
  • Bridge Progress Report Form
  • Bridge Final Report Narrative Form (only available if the overall project is marked completed)

2. Click the Update link in the 'Options' column next to the Contact Information Form.

3.1 Completing the Contact Information Form

1. Enter the contact information for the point of contact for your Bridge progress report. 

2. Click the Save and Continue button to proceed to the Bridge Form.

3.2 Completing the Bridge Form

1. Complete the following questions on the Bridge Form.

Question 1: Bridge Access Program Project Status

  • Provide an approximate status for your project for the reporting period 9/1/2023 - 5/31/2024.
  • When 'Completed' is selected, you will be required to complete the Final Report Narrative Form.
    • If 'N/A Relinquishment - Prior Approval request submitted to relinquish all Bridge Access Program funding' is selected, the remaining questions will be hidden and the report can be submitted.

Question 2: Please provide a status report on all activities supported with your HRSA-approved Bridge Post-Award submission and Activities List for the reporting period 9/1/2023 - 5/31/2024. For questions 2a-2g, select "Activity Completed," "Activity in Progress," "Activity Not Started," or "N/A: This activity was not included in my project work plan/proposal." Select N/A only if the activity is not included in your Bridge Activities List.

  • Provide a narrative status update for each relevant activity.
  • Describe any successes and/or promising practices as well as any lessons learned from the project.

Question 3: Are the activities described above and associated uses of the funds consistent with your approved Bridge Post-award submission?

  • If no, check all that apply. 
  • If 3.2 is selected, a sub-question will appear for you to identify if a Prior Approval was submitted to HRSA. 
  • If 3.3 is selected, a narrative box will appear for you to describe the changes to your Bridge activities.

Question 4: Did you encounter any significant barriers in the use of the funding and/or implementing the planned activities in this reporting period?

  • If YES, identify the type of barriers encountered. Select all that apply and describe steps taken to mitigate issues or barriers. 

Question 5: Point in Time Impact Self Assessment:

  • Provide a self assessment on the extent to which your Bridge project is meeting the award objectives.  Your approved Bridge expenditures and activities may be supporting one or both award objectives.  Ensure your response(s) in 5.1 and 5.2 are consistent with the overall project status noted in Question 1 of the Bridge report, and status of your approved activities as described in Question 2.

Question 6: Please select all applicable responses below regarding training and technical assistance (T/TA) related to this award.  If you would like to receive T/TA related to the Bridge award, click “yes” in 6.3.

2. Click the Save and Continue button to proceed.

3.3 Completing the Final Report Narrative Form

1. The Final Report Narrative Form should only be completed if this is your final progress report. In your final report, you should mark the project "Completed" on the Bridge Form.

2. Complete the following questions on the Final Report Narrative Form:

Question 1: Is this your final report?

Question 2: Project Status 

  • Indicate whether the project was completed and all funds were expended/encumbered (2.1) or if the project was completed but all funds will not be expended (2.2).  If 2.2 is selected, a narrative text box will appear for you to provide additional detail on why not all funds were utilized.

Question 3: Provide a detailed narrative for all FY2023 Bridge Access Program activities.

  • Provide a narrative of at least 100 characters
3. Click the Save and Continue button to proceed to the Review page.

4 Submitting the Bridge Progress Report

1. On the Review page, review your progress report forms to ensure that all information entered is accurate. Access each form by clicking on the View link in the 'Options' column. Click on the Continue button to proceed to the Submit Report page.

2. On the Submit Report page, click on the Submit button to submit your progress report to HRSA.

5 Responding to Change Requests for the Bridge Progress Report

1. After submitting the Bridge Progress Report, HRSA may determine that additional information or corrections are needed to what was originally submitted. 

  • In this case, an EHB email notification with more details regarding the requested changes will be sent to you.
2. If a change request is sent, your progress report will be accessible to you immediately in your pending tasks queue. Follow the steps found in section 2. Accessing the Bridge Progress Report to revisit and update the information in your progress report consistent with the email notification.
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