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Acessing the UDS Performance Report

1.Log in to the EHBs. (
2.Click the Tasks tab at the top of the page. The ‘My Tasks – List’ page will be displayed.
3.Locate the ‘Performance Report’ task and click the Start/Edit link under the 'Options' column to navigate to the ‘UDS Gateway Page'.

On the UDS Gateway page you will have the option to choose if you want to access the UDS Performance Data Collection environment or the UDS Reporting Site.

Important Note:

Please note, that you will not have access to the UDS Reporting site until January 1st.

5.To access the UDS Performance Data Collection environment, click the 'Proceed to UDS Performance Data Collection' button to go to the 'Status Overview' page, which is the landing page from where you can access the different sections and tables of the UDS Performance Report.



Updating UDS Data

1.From the 'Status Overview' page, click the 'Update' link to the right of the table you would like to edit.
3.Enter your data into the appropriate fields and validate the table.
2.Repeat step 1 and step 2 until all tables have been validated.



Publishing Data to the UDS Reporting Site


On the 'Publish Data' page, you will need to certify that the data you have entered is correct by typing "I Agree" in the space provided.

2. Click the 'Publish Data' button, and you navigated to the 'Confirm Publish Data' page.

Important Note:

You will not be able to publish your data until January 1st.


Click 'Confirm' to publish your data to the UDS Reporting site.


Once your data has been successfully published, you will be navigated to the UDS Reporting site

5.A success message will be displayed at the top of the Status Overview page on the UDS Reporting site.

Important Note:

Before you can submit to HRSA, validate your tables and run the Data Audit Report. If there are any system or data entry errors you will not be able to publish your data to the UDS Reporting Site.



Help Resources


If you're working on the UDS report and need some assistance with UDS content, you can contact the UDS Help by email at or you can call them toll free at 1-866-837-4357.


If you are experiencing technical issues with your UDS report in the EHBs, contact the BPHC Helpline at 1-877-974-2742

3.If you have an EHBs account related question, contact the HRSA Contact Center at 1-877-464-4772.



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