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As part of the new streamlined Compliance Resolution Opportunity (CRO) following an Operational Site Visit (OSV), health centers may receive a Correspondence Request task in EHBs. If you receive a Correspondence Request, you have 14 days to submit documentation demonstrating compliance in EHBs. Your health center will only receive a Correspondence Request if there are non-compliance findings.

Find instructions below on how to complete the Correspondence Request task.

Correspondence Request Overview

The Correspondence Request feature in the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) allows HRSA Reviewers to communicate with a health center’s Project Director (PD) or Authorizing Official (AO) through the HRSA EHBs.

The HRSA Reviewer will use this feature to request information on areas of non-compliance identified during an Operational Site Visit (OSV) for Health Center Program award recipients or designated look-alike (LAL) health centers.

After an OSV, the HRSA Reviewer will initiate a Correspondence Request to the health center’s PD or AO to address areas of program non-compliance identified in the draft site visit report. The PD or AO can respond to the Correspondence Request in the EHBs to provide details addressing non-compliant element(s). They can also attach documents to support their response.

After receiving a Correspondence Request, the health center has 14 calendar days to submit the required information. In cases of unclear responses, the HRSA Reviewer may send additional Correspondence Requests for the same non-compliant areas for various reasons. In these circumstances, the original 14-calendar day due date applies to additional requests as well.



The PD or AO, typically the same person who participated in the site visit, will receive an email notification that a Correspondence Request task is in their EHBs queue. You must ensure the person who will receive this task is registered and active within EHBs. 

How to Complete the Correspondence Request

This section will show you how to access, complete, and submit the Correspondence Request.

Accessing the Correspondence Request


Health center personnel registered with grant privileges in the EHBs will receive the Correspondence Request task.


From the EHBs homepage, click on the Tasks tab to view all the pending tasks.
Screenshot of tasks tab

You will be navigated to the pending tasks list page.

Screenshot of pending task - Correspondence Request


Deadline (Due)

This is the due date to submit a response to HRSA.

Task CategoryTasks are categorized as "Correspondence Request" for easy classification.
Tracking #Unique identification number to track the request.
TaskThe task name will be "Urgent Site Visit Report Request".
StartDisplays "Start" until first accessed; once accessed, it will change to "Edit".
3.Find the task "Urgent Site Visit Report Request".Screenshot of pending tasks - task

Completing the Correspondence Response

4.Click the “Start” link in the pending task to open the “Correspondence Response” page.Screenshot of pending task - Start


Review the Correspondence Response Header which lists important information about this request and the site visit.

Screenshot of Correspondence Request Header
Due DateDue date to submit a response to HRSA.
TA Tracking NumberTracking number for the Technical Assistance (TA) event.
TA DatesDates of the TA event.
TA Site Visit TypeType of TA provided, an Operational Site Visit (OSV).
Project Director NameName of the Project Director on the Notice of Award or Notice of Look-Alike Designation.


In the Resources section, you can find helpful information related to the Correspondence Request that can help support the health center’s response.

Screenshot of Correspondence Request Resources
External TA Report (Approval Pending)A read-only web page of the draft site visit report at the time the Correspondence Request was issued.
Health Center Program Compliance ManualLinks to the HRSA BPHC website including the Health Center Program Compliance Manual, Site Visit Protocol, and other resources to assist health centers in understanding and demonstrating compliance with program requirements.
Correspondence Request Health Center EHBs Instructions

Link to this wiki page which provides detailed instructions.  

Non-Compliant Elements

This section lists the non-compliant elements identified by the HRSA Reviewer and is where you provide your response and attachments. 

Screenshot of Non-Compliant Elements

Element TitleTitle of the non-compliant element: this matches the elements in the Health Center Program Compliance Manual.
ReasonReason for requesting information: initial requests are always marked as “Initial Request for Clarifying Information”.

Details provided by the HRSA Reviewer about non-compliant findings for this element.
Narrative ResponseRequired text field (maximum of 5,000 characters) where you enter a written response to HRSA.
AttachmentsOptional section to attach any files to address the non-compliant element(s).
Supporting Attachments

Allows a maximum of 10 files of the following formats: doc, docx, rtf, txt, wpd, pdf, xls, xlsx, msg, jpg, jpeg, tif, xfd, ppt, and pptx. Files can be attached either by “drag and drop” or “search and upload”.

Note: If you are using Internet Explorer to drag attachments into the drag and drop box, make sure to drag the attachment file over the “Select File” box to upload a document.
6.Review the Reason and Details for receiving the Correspondence Request.

Provide a narrative response.

A narrative response is required for each non-compliant element identified by the HRSA Reviewer.

Note:  You can find a read-only web page of the draft site visit report at the time the Correspondence Request was issued in the Resources section using the “External TA Report (Approval Pending)” link.

8.Provide supporting attachments (if applicable) for each non-compliant element.
9.You will receive an error message when you have not completed any required information.

Action Buttons

This last area of the page allows the PD or AO to navigate to the tasks page, save the data, or submit it to HRSA.

Screenshot of Action Buttons
Go BackClick this button to navigate back to the pending tasks list page.
SaveClick this button to save the content on this page and stay on this page.
Submit to HRSAClick this button to submit the Correspondence Response to HRSA.

Submit to HRSA

1.After completing all the responses to the non-compliant elements click on the “Submit to HRSA” button.Screenshot of Action Buttons- Submit to HRSA
2.Click “Confirm” in the confirmation overlay to submit your response to HRSA.Screenshot of confirmation overlay
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