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1 Progress Report Overview

Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Community Project Funding/Congressionally Directed Spending(CPF/CDS) (CE2) award recipients are required to submit semi-annual progress reports to Health Resources & Services Administration HRSA. These reports provide HRSA program officials and administrative offices with information regarding the satisfactory progress of supported projects and the way the funds are used. This user guides provides an overview for submitting the semi-annual progress report to HRSA.

2 Accessing the Progress Report

1. Login to HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs). 

Pending tasks list page

2. From the EHBs home page, click the Tasks tab to view the Pending Tasks - List page.

3. The CDS CE2 Progress Report task will show 'Progress Report' in the 'Task' column and will show your CE2 grant number in the 'Entity' column.

4. Click the Start or Edit link in the 'Options' column, to begin your progress report. 

3 Completing the Progress Report

1. On the Progress Report - Status Overview page, you will see the applicable forms to complete the CDS CE2 Progress Report. The report consists of two forms:

  • Contact Information
  • CDS CE2 Progress Report

progress report status overview page

2. Click the Update link in the 'Options' column next to the Contact Information Form.

3.1 Completing the Contact Information Form

1. Enter the contact information for the point of contact for your CDS CE2 progress report. 

Contact information page

2. Click the Save and Continue button to proceed to the CDS CE2 Form.

3.2 Completing the CDS CE2 Form

1. Complete the following questions on the CDS CE2 Progress Report Form.

Ce2 main project form page

Question 1: Does your organization's grant have open Condition of Awards? (For reference, these are listed on your organization's Notice of Award. In addition, "open" refers to if your organization has not yet submitted a response to 1 or more conditions and/or you are waiting to receive a revised Notice of Award removing your condition(s).)

  • Select either Yes or No
  • Click Save after making your selection

Click the Add Project button to begin reporting on your projects.

Note: Each project must be reported on individually. If you have more than one project, you will have to click "Add Project" again as many times as needed.

Question 2: Project Name

Enter in a unique project name for each project that you have

  • For question 2a, select "Completed", "Greater than 50% and Less than 100% Complete", " Less than or equal to 50% Complete", or "Not Started" to give an update on your project status.
  • For question 2b and 2c select either "Yes" or "No"
  • If "Yes" is selected for 2b, you will be required to provide an explanation
  • If "No" is selected for 2c, you will be required to provide an explanation . 
  • For question 2d, provide a project specific narrative.

Note: For question 2c, the scope of work refers to either the one proposed in the award application or the Prior Approval Request

Question 2

Question 3: Are there, or do you anticipate, any issues or barriers in the use of the funding and/or implementing the planned activities consistent with your approved project plan submission? 

  • If Yes, make selections to all that apply for 3.1.
  • Additionally, explain if there were any steps taken to mitigate issues or barriers in 3.2.

question 3

2. Click the Save and Continue button to proceed. Add additional projects if applicable or continue to the Review page.

4 Submitting the Progress Report

1. On the Review page, review your progress report forms to ensure that all information entered is accurate. Access each form by clicking on the View link in the 'Options' column. Click on the Continue button to proceed to the Submit Report page.

progress report review page

2. On the Submit Report page, click on on the Submit button to submit your progress report to HRSA.

submit report page

5 Responding to Change Requests for the Progress Report

1. After submitting the CDS CE2 Progress Report, HRSA may determine that additional information or corrections are needed to what was originally submitted. 

  • In this case, an EHB email notification with more details regarding the requested changes will be sent to you.
2. If a change request is sent, your progress report will be accessible to you immediately in your pending tasks queue. Follow the steps found in section 2. Accessing the Progress Report to revisit and update the information in your progress report consistent with the email notification.
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