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This page provides instructions on how BPHC SAC and RD applicants can use the Correspondence Request functionality within the EHBs. 

Correspondence Request Overview

The Correspondence Request functionality within the Electronic Handbooks (EHB) allows HRSA Reviewers to communicate with a Health Center Program Applicant’s Authorizing Official through the HRSA EHBs to request more information on potential areas of non-compliance identified through the review of certain Service Area Competition (SAC) or look-alike Renewal of Designation (RD) applications.

  • For those areas of preliminary non-compliance, the HRSA Reviewer initiates a Correspondence Request (CR) request to the applicant’s Authorizing Official (AO) for clarification.
  • The AO can access and respond to the Correspondence Request via EHB and provide details to address the non-compliant element. The applicant can also attach documents to support their response.

The applicant has 14 calendar days from the time of receiving the first request to submit the required information. Upon receiving a response, the HRSA Reviewer may send additional correspondence requests for the same preliminary non-compliant areas for various reasons (e.g., the responses or attachments are unclear).  In these circumstances, the original 14-calendar day due date applies to the additional requests as well.

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The correspondence requests are emailed to an Authorizing Official, typically the same AO who submitted the application. You must ensure that an AO (preferably the one who submitted the application) is registered and active within EHB. 

How to Complete the Correspondence Request

This section will show you how to access, complete, and submit the Correspondence Request.

Accessing the Correspondence Request

 1.From the EHB homepage, click on the Tasks tab to view all the pending tasks.Screenshot of the Tasks Tab

You will be navigated to the pending tasks list page.

Deadline (Due)

This is the date by when the response must be submitted to HRSA
Task Category Tasks are categorized as "Correspondence Request" for easy classification
Tracking #Unique identification number to track the request
TaskThe task name under the "Correspondence Request" task category
StartWill display "Start" until first accessed; once accessed, it will change to "Edit"

Screenshot of accessing the Pending Tasks list

Completing the Correspondence Request

3. Click on the “Start” link on the Correspondence Request pending task to open the Correspondence Request page, “Correspondence Response”.

The Correspondence Request Header lists all the important elements related to the Correspondence Request.

Due Date

This is the date by when the response must be submitted to HRSA
Announcement NumberThe announcement number associated with this application
Announcement NameThe name associated with the announcement number
Activity CodeThe program activity code for which the application was submitted
Application TypeThe application type (e.g., “Competing Continuation”)
Grant NumberThe grant number associated with the application
Application Tracking NumberThe application tracking number associated with the application and Correspondence Request

Screenshot of the Correspondence Response Header


In the Resources section, you can find helpful information related to the Correspondence Request.

ApplicationThe PDF version of the application related to this Correspondence Request
Compliance ManualThe Health Center Program Compliance Manual webpage

Screenshot of the Correspondence Response Resources

Non-Compliant Elements

This section lists the non-compliant elements identified by the HRSA Reviewer and is where you provide your response and attachments. 

Element Title - 1

This is the title of the non-compliant element, which matches the elements in the Health Center Program Compliance Manual
ReasonThe reason for requesting correspondence; initial requests always are marked as “Initial Request for Clarifying Information
DetailsDetails provided by the HRSA reviewer corresponding to a non-compliant element will be displayed here
Narrative ResponseThis is a required text field (maximum of 5,000 characters) used to provide a narrative response to address the non-compliant element
Attachments Optional section to attach any files to address the non-compliant element(s)
Supporting Attachments Allows a maximum of 10 files of the following formats: doc, docx, rtf, txt, wpd, pdf, xls, xlsx, msg, jpg, jpeg, tif, xfd, ppt, and pptx
Drag or Upload FilesFiles can be attached either by “drag and drop” or “search and upload”

Screenshot of Non-Compliant Elements


A narrative response is required for every non-compliant element identified by the HRSA Reviewer.

5.Provide supporting attachments (if applicable) for each non-compliant element.
6.You will receive an error message when you have not completed any required information.

Action Buttons

This last area of the page allows the AO to navigate to the tasks page, save the data, and submit it to HRSA

Go BackClick this button to navigate back to the pending tasks list page
SaveClick this button to save the content on this page and stay on this page
Submit to HRSAClick this button to submit the Correspondence Request response to HRSA
Screenshot of Action Buttons

Submit to HRSA


Upon completing all the responses to the non-compliant elements, click on the “Submit to HRSA” button to submit to HRSA.

Screenshot of Submit to HRSA button

Click “Confirm” in the confirmation overlay to submit your response to HRSA.

Screenshot of Confirmation Overlay

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