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This feature has been made available in the EHBs as of January 19, 2017.

The Download and Print Documents feature allows Grantees to access critical documents related to a Grant from one single location.


During a Grant life cycle, there are several documents that are generated. Users can currently print documents related to a Grant but to access these documents, the user needs to navigate several different views.

The Download and Print Documents feature allows Grantees to access critical documents related to a Grant from one single location. You can search and select all the pertinent documents you need, and download them as PDF files or in Zip format   that bundles all the selected files in their original format, such as Microsoft-Word, Microsoft-Excel. All your print packages will be available for download for 30 days. Access to the list of documents is controlled by the users’ access privileges.

Selecting and printing the documents is done in 3 easy steps,

  1. Search and select a Grant’s related documents and submit request
  2. EHBs sends email when their selections are available
  3. Go to the download location and download the documents in PDF or   Zip format

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Click below for Download and Print Documents Video!

Thumbnail to Download and Print video page

Download and Print Documents

  1. Login to EHBs.
Screenshot of EHBs Home Page
2. Select ‘Grants’ from the EHBs top navigation bar. The view shows a list of all the Grants that you can access.My Grants - with link to Grant Folder circled  
3. In the Grant home page, under the section labeled, ‘Others’ you will find 2 links, ‘Select Documents to Download’ and Download Documents’.Grant Home with Download Documents link circled 

4. Go to the ‘Select Documents to Download’ view. Here you will see the documents related to your Grant.

The documents are grouped by Applications, Awards, and Submissions.

 Grant Documents page listing all Grant documents
5. Select one or more documents that you want to print from ‘Select Documents to Download’.



 6. In the 'Request Name' popup, you will see a default file name.  You can change this to any name you prefer.

Request Name field and Save button

7. You will see a confirmation message. 

EHBs will send you an email when the print package is ready.

Grant Documents success message stating bundle was created 
8. In the Grant home page, select the Download Documents link. Download Documents link circled in Others section
9. In the Download Documents list view, select your document package and download as PDF or Zip file. Download Documents list with Download Zip link

The Grant Documents Views

Select Documents to Download Page

The available Grant related documents will be listed under ‘Select Documents to Download’ and grouped under Applications, Award NoA, Award Attachments, and Submissions.

You can use search and filter options to refine the results. For example, you can refine the list to show only documents updated in the year 2017, by filtering on 2017 in the ‘Last Updated Date’ column.

The columns ‘Description’ and ‘Attachment Type’ offer additional capabilities to refine your search results. For example, you could filter for only MS-Word files by entering ‘.doc’ in the Attachment Type column filter.

Grant Documents page listing all Grant documents

Download Documents Page

All the document packages you requested will be available in this view.  A document package will be retained for 30 days.  You can download the documents as PDF files or download them as a Zip package. The Zip version will retain the files in their source format. Download Documents list with Download Zip link







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