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To enhance EHBs’ security, Applicants, Grantees, Service Providers, Consultants, and Technical Analysts will use and two-factor authentication when logging into the EHBs starting May 26, 2023.

About XMS and

XMS (External User Management System) is an access management solution for a set of Credential Service Providers (CSPs) such as You will see XMS pages as you go through the login process, and sign an annual agreement with XMS. is a Credential Service Provider used by government agencies which allows users to have a set of credentials to access multiple government resources across agencies. It uses the latest security standards to enable logging in with 2-factor authentication. That is, a user will need a password and another authentication method to access a government resource like HRSA Electronic Handbooks (EHBs), thus keeping sensitive information safe. manages the primary authentication credentials and two-factor authentication.

Help Desk Support

For assistance with your EHBs account, please contact the EHBs Help Desk at 877-464-4772.

For assistance with your account, please contact the Help Center.

Help Pages

The following help pages walk through creating a account, logging into the EHBs, and frequently asked questions about the login process: