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The Financial Report - Basic Information screen is where you will provide organizational point of contact information and general reporting information for the FFR.

The person I want to add as a Point of Contact does not appear in the list of contacts, why?

When adding a Point of Contact, you have the option to Select from Existing Users or Add New Contact Information by manually entering the contact information for the POC. The Existing Users list will display a list of members of your organization who are registered in the EHBs and associated with your organization. If the person you want to add as POC does not appear in the list of Existing Users, you can Add New Contact Information to provide the correct POC.

When should I mark the report as "Final" in question 6?

The report should be marked as final when your project period has ended and you are confident that you will not make revisions to the submitted report.

Basic Information Section - Video

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