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This page has been archived as of October 1, 2020 because the FFR has been integrated with the Payment Management System. For more details, check out this help page: Federal Financial Report Integration with PMS

The Financial Report - Notification page is the the first page you will see when you start the FFR. From this page you may have options to either revise the previously submitted FFR, start the current FFR, or view the status of the FFR submission.

How do I revise a previously submitted FFR?

You can revise a previously submitted FFR under the following circumstances:

  1. You have not started the "next" FFR for the document number;
  2. HRSA is not currently reviewing the previous FFR;

To revise a previously submitted FFR

  1. From the Financial Reports list page, click Start Financial Report
  2. The Financial Report - Notification page will display the previously submitted FFR and the selected FFR. Locate the Previous FFR and click the Revise link.
  3. The revised FFR will be created and will be pre-populated with information submitted in the previous submission. Make the appropriate changes and submit to HRSA once all changes have been made.

There is no option for me to start the FFR. I only see an option to View Related NoA. How do I start my FFR?

You will not be able to start your current FFR until the previous FFR has been reviewed and approved by your Grants Management Specialist. Once the previous FFR has been approved by HRSA, you will receive a notification and the option to Start the FFR will become available in the Financial Report - Notification page.

Notification Page Video

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