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The Financial Report - Transactions screen is where you will report Federal Transactions to HRSA.

I submitted the FFR to PMS, but the information does not appear in fields 10a-c. Why?

The information from the quarterly report you submit to PMS will not appear in the EHBs. In the EHBs, field 10a-c will be disabled.

Question 10d: How do I edit the amount in 10d - "Total Federal Funds Authorized"?

The amount in field 10d - "Total Federal Funds Authorized" is the cumulative amount awarded for your grant for the document number. The value in this field is populated from the amounts on your Notice of Award (NOA) and cannot be changed. If you think this number is incorrect, contact the HRSA Contact Center at or (877)464-4772.

Question 10i: How do I edit the amount in 10i - "Total Recipient Share Required"?

The amount in field 10i - "Total Recipient Share Required" is populated from the Non Federal Share required on the Notice of Award (NOA). This number cannot be changed in the EHBs.

Question 10j: The amount in field 10j - "Recipient Share of Expenditures" for our grant is less than the value in 10i - "Total Recipient Share Required" because we have not spent the full amount of federal authorization. How can I resolve this error?

If cost sharing is required for your grant, and the "Recipient Share of Expenditures" is less than the Total Recipient Share Required (10i), provide a justification for the discrepency in the "Remarks" section.

Transaction Section Video

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