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An issue has been identified with the race/ethnicity filter functionality within the dashboards and we are working to implement a repair. Until then, please only use the “Single Characteristic” tab to look at race/ethnicity.

General Information

HRSA conducted a Health Center Workforce Well-being Survey to capture the many factors that have an impact on staff well-being. In fall 2022, we invited all HRSA supported health centers to take part in the survey. In turn, participating health centers invited all of their staff to take the survey. 

By January 2023, nearly 700 health centers participated (about 50% of HRSA supported health centers), and more than 52,000 staff responded. This detailed version of the dashboard is accessible only through HRSA’s Electronic Handbooks (EHBs). A publicly accessible version, showing only aggregate national and regional results, is available here: Health Center Workforce Well-being Survey Dashboard. Please visit the Health Center Workforce Well-being Initiative webpage for more information on the survey and other BPHC priorities to support health center workforce well-being. 

For more detailed information about the dashboard, refer to the following document:

About This Dashboard

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Additional Resources

Access to Dashboards

By default, dashboards will be made available to the Project Director (PD) of each awardee organization and the PD is able to provide access to other program staff. Awardees must have an active EHBs account to access data for their organization.

To authorize other users in the grant organization to view the dashboards, the PD assigns the ‘Workforce Wellbeing Survey Dashboard’ privilege as follows:

  1. Login to EHBs.
  2. Click on the Grants tab. On this page, you will see a list of all grants in your portfolio.
  3. For the grant number associated with the MIECHV program, select the drop-down under Options and Select Manage Users.
  4. Under the Users section, click on Update Privileges.
  5. From the list of users displayed, select the user needs who need to be given the privilege.
  6. Under Options, click on Update.
  7. On the ‘User Privileges – Update’ page, check the box for Workforce Wellbeing Survey Dashboard and click Save and Continue

Accessing Dashboards in the EHBs


Login to the EHBs ( using and two-factor authentication. For details about logging in to the EHBs, refer to the EHBs Login Process Overview help page. 

After logging in, you will land on the EHBs Home page, click on Dashboards on the Top Menu.

2You will land on the Dashboards page, listing all the available dashboards for your role.

Once on the Dashboards List page, you can view more information about the dashboard, including Purpose and Key Features. Click on the View Dashboard link for the Health Center Workforce Wellbeing Survey dashboard.

4You will land on the Workforce Wellbeing Survey dashboard.