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Where is the Noncompeting Continuation (NCC) Progress Report in the EHBs?

The NCC Progress Report is available under the Noncompeting Continuations Section of the Grant Handbook.
Follow the steps below to navigate to the NCC Progress Report:

  1. Login to EHBs
  2. Click the View Portfolio link in the left side menu
  3. Locate the grant for which you want to work on the NCC Progress Report and click the Open Grant Handbook link
  4. Click the Noncompeting Continuations link in the left side menu. Your pending NCC Progress Report will appear listed. Click the Start Report or Edit Report link to access the NCC Progress Report.

What is the Key Contact/Principal Form?

The Key Contact/Principal Form was added to NCC Progress Reports on 8/24/2023. All principals (as defined above) involved in the project must be listed on the form.

For information on the Key Contact/Principal Form, visit the NCC Key Contact/Principal Form help page. 

How do I view the Program Guidance or Instruction Document for completing my NCC Progress Report from within the EHBs?

To view the Program Guidance for completing your NCC Progress Report

  1. Navigate to the NCC Progress Report in the EHBs (see Steps for Accessing NCC Progress Report above)
  2. In the status section, click the Program Instructions link to view the Guidance for the NCC Progress Report.

NCC Progress Report

The attachments listed in the Program Instructions do not match the options in the upload attachment section. Which files should I attach?

If the attachment options listed do not match the options available in the Program Instructions, contact your Project Officer for clarification as to which files are required.

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