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This module has been made available as of April 25, 2024. 


This user guide describes the steps Health Center Controlled Networks (HCCN), National Training and Technical Assistance Partners (NTTAP), and Primary Care Association (PCA) award recipients must follow to revise your Project Work Plan (PWP) in response to a PWP modification request from Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA).


HCCN, NTTAP, and PCA Project Work Plans (PWPs) describe the project objectives, how they will be attained by the end of the project period, and the activities to be implemented. The PWP Management module allows HCCN, NTTAP, and PCA Project Officers to initiate PWP modification requests for their assigned award recipients. Awardees can then modify their existing Project Work Plans and return them to HRSA for review and approval.

PWP Modifications are post-award activities initiated by HRSA for the existing project work plans. The project work plans from the awarded Competitive or Non-Competing Continuation (NCC) applications become available in the PWP Management module after the award. Any approved changes made to the work plan through PWP Modifications are subsequently reflected in the NCC Progress Update form. 

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Accessing the Project Work Plan from the Grant Folder

Award recipients are able to access their currently approved Project Work Plans at any time from their Grant Folder. 

1.Login into EHBs and from the EHBs homepage, select Grants from the top navigation bar to view a list of all grants in your portfolio. 

Screenshot of Navigation to Grant Folder


Select Grant Folder under the Options column for the grant that you want to review. 

If you do not see your grant, you will need to add the grant to your EHBs profile. The following video provides instructions on adding grants: Video - How to Add a Grant to the EHBs Portfolio

Screenshot of Grant Folder List Page


Under the Others section select Project Work Plan List to navigate to your Project Work Plans - List page. 

screenshot of a Grant Folder


On the Project Work Plan - List page you can access the following:

  • The status of the latest PWP Modification Status
  • The currently approved (most recent) Project Work Plan for each budget period
  • Cumulative Modification History for each Project Work Plan
  • Version History, with an option to generate and download a PDF of the Project Work Plan. 

screenshot of Project Work Plan List page

Accessing the Project Work Plan from Pending Tasks

The Project Director (PD) will receive an EHBs email from the Project Officer when there is a new Project Work Plan Modification request. The email will include instructions  to access the Project Work Plan Modification.

1.Login to EHBs and select the Tasks tab.
2.Search for the Project Work Plan Modification pending task and click Start on the right to access the task.

Modifying the Project Work Plan


On the Project Work Plan Modification page, you can view the Budget Period for which modification is requested and navigate to helpful resources.

Screenshot of Grantee Header and Resources

  1. Select the Total Objective RequestsTotal Activity Requests, or Total Key Factor Requests to view the Project Work Plan sections that need attention. 
  2. PO may attach supporting documents, review any attachments in the HRSA Attachments section.
  3. Select the Update Objective link under the Options to make edits to the section that needs attention.

  • The Total Objective Requests shows the number of objectives or objective sections (e.g., Activities section) that need attention.
  • The Total Activity Requests shows the number of activities that need attention.
  • The Total Key Factor Requests shows the number of key factors that need attention.

Project Work Plan modification - main page


Review the PWP modification request details from your PO in the Comments section.

  • Comments section is available in each PWP section that needs attention. 
  • PO may also include modification instructions in the email sent to PD when PWP modification request was initiated.

screenshot of Update Activity page


Make revisions per PO comments, save, and mark as complete.

  • Marking the revision as complete will update the status of the PWP section to Complete.
  • If further revisions are made after the section was marked Complete, the status of the section will change to Needs Attention and will need to be marked as complete.

Save and Mark As Complete buttons

4.Once all PWP sections have been marked complete, select Continue.

PWP Modification Request with completed sections

  1. Upload any supporting documents.
  2. Enter comments for PO (optional).
  3. Select Submit.

  • Upon submitting the revised Project Work Plan, you should see an alert confirming successful submission of the Project Work Plan revision to HRSA for review.
  • You may monitor the status of the Project Work Plan modification on the Project Work Plan - List page. 
  • The grant PD will receive an EHBs email from HRSA when the Project Work Plan Modification has been approved or disapproved.

Grantee Submit Page

Responding to a Change Request

As part of the PWP modification review process, the PO may request further changes or updates to the Project Work Plan. In this case, a new pending task will be created making the Project Work Plan editable.
Follow the steps outlined in Accessing the Project Work Plan from Pending Tasks and Modifying the Project Work Plan to respond to a change request.
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