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This page was made available in the EHBs on January 25, 2024

General Information

This help page provides information for users with the Primary Authorizing Official (AO) privilege to review, approve, and reject organization registration requests.

  • Beginning January 26, 2024, all organization registration requests must be reviewed and approved to access the organization’s information in the EHBs.
  • Users with the Primary Authorizing Official (AO) privilege (users with both the ‘Manage Users’ and ‘Manage Organization Profile’ privileges) will receive a task in the EHBs to review and approve or reject registration requests for their organization(s).
  • These changes only apply to future organization registrations. Users who are already registered to an organization do not need to take any action.
  • Organizations must have an active account in
  • Organizations must have a user with the Primary AO privilege in the EHBs.

Table of Contents

Approve/Reject User Organization Request


Once an organization registration request is submitted for approval, the user with the Primary AO privilege receives an email with the Organization Information, directs them to the request.

From the email, click Here to go to the request in the EHBs.

Screenshot of the User Organization Registration Request Email to the user with Primary AO privilege

Landing on the login page, enter your email address and password. When ready, select Sign In to enter the system. 

Screenshot of the XMS login screen


You land on the User Organization Registration Request Page which displays the Requestor’s information:

A. User Account Status

B. Contact Information

On the bottom of the page, you have the option to:

C. Select Approve or Reject to the registration request.

Screenshot of User Organization Registration Screen

Approve Request


If you select Approve, another mandatory field appears to Assign the Role to the grantee requestor.

Screenshot of Approve Request Screen

Reject Request


If you select Reject, a mandatory field appears to provide Comments (Reason for rejection).

Screenshot of Reject Request Screen

Confirm Request Decision


Once you confirm the requestor’s information and select your decision to Approve or Reject the request, click Confirm, on the bottom right of the page.

Screenshot of Confirm Request

Reviewing Previous Requests


Landing back on the Pending Tasks – List Page, you see the recent request is no longer present.

Click on the Recently Completed Tab to see a list of the previously reviewed and decided requests.

Screenshot of Recently Completed Tab


You land on the Completed Tasks – List page, where the Access Requests are filed.

Select View under the Options column on the right side of the page to view the Tasks Details.

Screenshot of View Selection


A pop-up appears which overviews the Account Status, Contact Information, and Action History.

When you finish reviewing, select the Close button on the bottom left of the screen to close to the pop-up.

Screenshot of Close selection

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