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Action Plan Image
Greetings! Starting September 7th, Business processes and mechanisms across HRSA Bureaus and Offices, such as the Corrective Action Plan (CAP) and Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), have been combined to provide one location in the EHBs where HRSA staff can prepare, review and monitor an Action Plan. HRSA Grantees can also prepare an Action Plan for HRSA staff to review and resolve Site Visit findings.
Click here to access the Action Plan user guide.
Prepare Action Plan Prepare an Action Plan and Send to HRSA Staf for review and approval.
Progress Notes Document Pogress Notes for an Individual finding within the Action Plan, so that HRSA staff can monitor grantee's on-going progress on resolving the Action Plan.
Resolve Findings Resolve individual findings within an Action Plan.
Action History View key actions taken by grantee and HRSA staff captured within the Action History.
Email Notification  Recieve email notifications at key steps within the process.
Have any questions? Feel free to the HRSA Contact Center here

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