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Reviewing and Submitting a UDS report

This topic covers reviewing and submitting a UDS report.

Two conditions must be met before a UDS Report can be electronically signed and submitted:

  1. Contact Information, Patients by ZIP Code, and all the tables in the report and report comments must be in "Complete" status.
  2. The Data Audit Report must be completed with no errors.

When these conditions are met, your report can be submitted.

Only users who have the "submit" privilege for the UDS Report can submit.

Reviewing the Report

From the 'Review' page, you may review any section of the report. You may also print the report.

  • To view a section of the report, click View under Options for that section. Or click the down arrow under Options to open the context menu, from which you may view or print the section, or view it in a separate window.
  • To print the report, click the Print All HTML Forms button at the top of the 'Review' page.

Submitting the Report

When you are ready to proceed with submission, click the Continue to Next Page button at the bottom of the 'Review' page to open the UDS Certification page (the 'Submit' page).

If your report is ready to be submitted, the Submit button appears at the bottom right corner.
If your report is not ready to be submitted, a note will appear at the top of the 'Submit' page and the Submit button will not appear on the 'Submit' page.
Follow the directions under UDS Certification ("I Agree" is not case-sensitive), and then click the Submit button.

Upon submission of the report, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number. The UDS tracking number is your ten-digit grant number followed by the four-digit calendar year.

Please use your tracking number for referencing your submission during any correspondences with BPHC.