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How do I find my Pending Tasks?

  1. Log into the EHBs.
  2. Click on the Tasks tab at the top of the Welcome page. The Pending Tasks - List page opens.
  3. On the Not Completed tab, click the Search link above the list of tasks to open the Search Filters section.
  4. Enter or select the relevant parameters and click the Search button at the bottom of the section. The Pending Tasks - List page refreshes, listing the tasks that matched your parameters.

There are too many tasks listed. How can I refine the list?

You can use the columns (Due, Deadline, Task Category, Tracking #, Task, Entity, Entity #, and Organization) to help filter your search.

  1. Enter or select a value in one of the filter fields.
  2. Click the filter icon (looks like a funnel) next to the field. The list refreshes showing only the items that match the value you entered or selected.
  3. If the list is still too long, enter or select a value in another filter.

 How can I edit my Pending Tasks?

On the Pending Tasks - List page, at the right end of the row for the task you wish to edit, click the Edit link. The document opens and you can edit it according to the rules for that document type.

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