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This page was made available on March 11, 2022.

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General Questions

1. What is a UEI?

The Unique Entity Identifier, or the UEI, is the official name of the “new, non-proprietary identifier” that will replace the DUNS number, according to the General Services Administration (GSA). The UEI will be requested in, and assigned by, the System for Award Management ( to all entities who register to do business with the federal government. This is a 12-digist alphanumeric identifier.  

2. What is the cutoff for using DUNS?

March 24, 2022 is the cutoff in the EHBs, in preparation for the April 4, 2022 government transition to the UEI.  

3. Why is DUNS still listed in some places in the EHBS?

Historical records such as NoAs and Applications will continue to display the DUNS. There are additional updates happening in the EHBs throughout 2022 addressing all remaining DUNS fields, which are mostly informational pages.  

Grantee Questions

1. If I'm new to working with HRSA, how do I get a UEI?

If you are a new applicant with HRSA, you will need to register your organization in before applying to a funding opportunity in or the EHBs. 

2. If I am already a HRSA grantee, what do I need to do to receive a UEI?

As an active grantee with HRSA, your organization’s UEI should automatically be generated in and will import to the EHBs. Check the EHBs to ensure there is a UEI listed for your organization by March 24, 2022. If you do not see a UEI listed in the EHBs, ensure your registration in is active and the same DUNS is used in the EHBs.

3. Where do I find my organization's UEI in the EHBs?

From the My Registered Organizations List page in the EHBs, click on the Organization folder, which includes details about your organization, including the UEI at the top of the page.  

4. What if I don't see a UEI in the EHBs?

If you do not see a UEI listed in the EHBs, ensure your organization has an active registration in If you have an active registration but still do not see the UEI in, reach out to the customer service team or your program office contact for assistance. 

5. How do I find my UEI in

Directions to find an organization’s UEI in 

6. How do I update my organization's information in

Directions to update organization registration:  

Quick start guides for organization registration:  

7. Can I apply to a funding opportunity with DUNS?

Before March 24, 2022 if your funding opportunity in displays the DUNS field on the applications, then you can continue to enter your DUNS. However, ensure you have a UEI before March 24, 2022 and it is reflected in the EHBs. 

After March 24, 2022 you must have the UEI to apply.  

8. When registering on an organization can I search by DUNS or UEI?

When registering an organization in the EHBs, after March 24th you must use the UEI. 

For other search fields in the EHBs you can enter either DUNS or UEI. However, we suggest using the UEI as that is the identifier being used moving forward.  

Helpful Resources for Grantees

Resource NameDescriptionResource Location
External Wiki Page  Details on the changes to the external EHBs pages, including screenshots. Contains links to the additional wiki pages for grantees.  
GSA Website on UEI Transition

Details on the UEI transition with policy details from the General Services Administration (GSA).  

System for Award Management Check and update organization registration.  

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