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This video has been made available in the EHBs as of September 4, 2018.

This video provides an overview on the EHBs application access process. 

This video explains:
  • How Application permissions work
  • How to view who can access an Application you are working on
  • How Application Owners can manage Application access


Reopening a Submitted Application (New Feature as of 6/26/2020)
  • Authorizing Officials (AOs) can now reopen applications to update the information before the application deadline. AOs are the only roles that can reopen and submit applications.
  • The Application Owner is able to update the application only after the AO reopens it and sends it back to the Application owner for changes. When the changes are complete, the Application Owner must send the application back to the AO, for the AO to resubmit. 
  • An application can only be reopened before the application deadline. After the application deadline, you are not able to reopen an application. 
  • Applications can be reopened if the funding opportunity is set up to allow reopening applications. Review the funding opportunity information to see if Yes is select to allow reopening. Refer to the Reopen Submitted Applications Help page for additional details on how to determine if the funding opportunity is set up to allow reopening applications. 

Only the AO can resubmit the application. The Application must be resubmitted before the application deadline to be reviewed by HRSA. 

For additional information on reopening an application, refer to the Reopen Submitted Applications Help page. 

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