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This video has been made available in the EHBs as of March 6, 2019.

Video Description

This video provides a step by step walk through on how to remove a user from a grant in the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) and provides an overview of the user permissions required to do this.

This Video Walks Through:

  • How to remove a user from a grant
  • Required user permissions

Additional Resources

To learn more about user roles, permissions, and privileges, and/or for help with changing the Project Director for a grant, check out the following help videos:

Link to EHBs User Permissions Overview Help Video Link to Managing Users in the EHBs Help Video Link to How to Change a Project Director Help Video

Help Video: Removing a User from an Organization - Link coming soon!!!

Helpful Tip!

For a better viewing experience, click the Settings icon on the bottom right corner of the video screen and set the Quality to 1080p HD.

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