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Upload Template into the Performance Data Collection Environment

Once you have entered your data into your template, save the changes you have made to the template, so you can upload the completed template into the system.

15.From the 'Download File' page, click the 'Continue' button to navigate to the 'Upload File' section.
16.Select the completed template from your computer, and click the 'Process File' button.

Please note, you have an 'Upload History' and 'Action History' link within the Resources section located in the 'Resources' section and is available on the 'Download-File', 'Upload-File' and Publish pages.

  • Upload History allows you to see who has uploaded a template and when they uploaded the template into the system, and you can download templates that have been previously uploaded.
  • Each uploaded template is assigned a unique identifier in sequential order.

The Action History link provides you with a log of all actions that were performed, such as uploading a file or publishing to the UDS Reporting site.

Accessing the Error File

The Error File displays both the number of edits that have been verified, and the number of edits that have failed.

17.Once your file has been successfully processed, you can view any errors by clicking the error file link in the Error Summary section located at the bottum of the page.
18.To download the Error File, click the link under the 'Download' column.

Here, you will see the errors that have occurred once you uploaded your template into the system.

    • Column A, displays the error code.
    • Column B, displays the error message.
    • Column C, displays the table name.
    • Column D, displays a short description of the error
    • Column E, displays the funding stream.

 To fix any errors found, you can update the data directly in the tables by navigating to them from the Status overview page, or you can re-download your template, correct the data within your template and upload the corrected template into the system.


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