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This page provides help information on the MCHB HVIS Dashboard for grantees.

General Information

The intended purpose of these dashboards is to provide improved access for Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) awardees to their performance data and to enhance data use and understanding. The performance dashboards can also serve as a technical assistance resource to support awardees in tracking and examining trends related to service utilization, participant demographics, and performance benchmark areas.

Form 1 Dashboard

The Form 1 dashboard provides data on MIECHV Program participant demographics, service utilization, and select clinical indicators. The dashboard presents both awardee-level data and national comparison data in the following 14 categories: 

  • Participants served
  • Households served
  • Ethnicity
  • Race
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Income
  • Priority Population Characteristics
  • Home Visits
  • Family Engagement
  • Home Visiting Model(s)
  • Insurance Coverage Type
  • Usual Source of Medical Care
  • Usual Source of Dental Care

Form 2 Dashboard

The Form 2 dashboard provides awardee-level and national comparison data on MIECHV performance indicators and system outcome measures (19 measures total). The dashboard also presents missing data values for all 19 measures:

  • 19 Performance Measures
  • Missing Data

Demonstration of Improvement Dashboard 

The DOI dashboard provides measure-level improvement data across the following benchmark areas:

  • Maternal and Newborn Health
  • Child Injuries, Maltreatment and Reduction of ED visits
  • School Readiness and Achievement
  • Crime or Domestic Violence
  • Family Economic Self-Sufficiency
  • Coordination and Referrals

Access to the Dashboards

Access to Dashboards: By default, dashboards will be made available to the Project Director (PD) of each awardee organization and the PD is able to provide access to other program staff. Awardees must have an active EHBs account to access data for their organization.

To authorize other users in the grant organization to view the dashboards, the PD assigns the ‘View HVIS Dashboards’ privilege as follows:

  1. Login to EHBs.
  2. Click on the Grants tab. On this page, you will see a list of all grants in your portfolio.
  3. For the grant number associated with the MIECHV program, select the drop-down under Options and Select Manage Users.
  4. Under the Users section, click on Update Privileges.
  5. From the list of users displayed, select the user needs who need to be given the privilege.
  6. Under Options, click on Update.
  7. On the ‘User Privileges – Update’ page, check the box for HVIS Dashboards and click Save and Continue. 

Screenshot of Managing Privileges in the EHBs