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This page provides details on the Federal Financial Report (FFR) integration with the Payment Management System (PMS). 


As of October 1, 2020, the Federal Financial Report (FFR) is now integrated with the Payment Management System (PMS). Recipients now submit their FFRs to HRSA through the PMS, and no longer do so through the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs). 


The financial data in the Standard Form 425, also known as the Federal Financial Report (FFR), was previously reported to HRSA through different systems: quarterly reporting through the PMS and annual reporting through the EHBs. To consolidate this reporting burden on recipients, recipients will now only be submitting their Financial Reports for HRSA grants through the PMS, starting on October 1, 2020. For additional details on the background, please refer to the Office of Federal Assistance Management's (OFAM's) presentation on the changes: 

This transition aims to: 

  • Ensure all financial data is being reported consistently through one source. 
  • Allow for easier sharing of financial data across HHS. 
  • Assist with timely monitoring of financial performance of awards and closeout of grants. 
  • Reduce expired award payments because internal system controls in the PMS prevent grant recipients from withdrawing funds beyond the period without submitting a revised FFR and receiving agency approval. 

Transition Details

Starting October 1, 2020 all pending FFRs will be migrated to the PMS and recipients will complete their reporting through PMS.

  • If your FFR is in progress, not started or change requested as of October 1, you will submit it through PMS.
  • For all FFRs that are created after October 1, you will receive a notification email from the EHBs with a link to PMS and you will complete your FFR in the PMS. 
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For a walk through of the FFR PMS integration:

Check out OFAM's Training Page for more details on FFR:

PMS FFR Module 

How to navigate to your FFR

  1. Log in to the PMS website at
  2. From the navigation menu, select Disbursements, then select Federal Financial Report. 

FFR Permissions and Access in the PMS 


Note: It can take up to 3 days for PMS to process User Access Requests.

  • For issues with establishing FFR permissions or accessing the FFR in PMS, submit a ticket via the PMS Self-Help Portal 877-614-5533. 

Impact and Changes to the FFR in the EHBs

How to View the FFR Status in the EHBs 

Even though the FFRs are now going to be submitted in the PMS, you can still view the submitted FFRs in the EHBs, if you have the right privileges. 

For those with the View Financial Reports privilege, you can continue to see the status of submitted FFRs in the EHBs by following the next few steps. 

1. From the EHBs Home page, select Tasks. 

Tasks tab

2. From the menu, under Grants, select Submissions. 

Tasks menu Submissions option

3. On the Submissions tasks list view, select the All tab. 

Submissions Incomplete List All tab

4. In the Search Filters, under Submission Type, select Financial Report, and select Search to find only the Financial Reports in the list. 

Search for Financial Reports

5. You will then be able to view all the submitted Financial Reports. 


Note that you will only be able to view a read only view of Financial Reports in the EHBs. Submitting the FFR is now done through the Payment Management System (PMS). 

Continue to Submit Prior Approval Requests to Carryover Funds in EHBs 

  • Prior Approval Requests to carryover unobligated balances will still be submitted to HRSA through the EHBs.
  • Prior Approval Requests should be submitted within 30 days of submitting the FFR. 

FFR Email Notifications 

The following notifications will be sent to recipients from the EHBs: 

  • Financial Report is available in PMS, a link will be provided to PMS 
  • Financial Report reminders (before the due date) and delinquent notices (after the due date) 
  • Financial Report returned for changes 
  • Financial Report approval 

The following notifications will be sent to recipients from the PMS: 

  • Financial Report was submitted, but not certified 
  • Financial Report was certified 

Removal of the Financial Reporting Administrator (FRA) role 

The FRA role no longer exists in the EHBs, since Financial Reports will no longer be submitted in the EHBs. 

There will now only be the View Financial Reports privilege in the EHBs, that the Project Director will be able to provide to grant staff. 

  • To view submitted FFRs in the EHBs:
    • Recipients will need the View Financial Reports privilege in the EHBs, in order to view submitted FFRs in the EHBs. 
    • Grant staff can request the View Financial Reports privilege from the Project Directors. See below for steps on how to request this privilege: How to request the View Financial Report privilege.
    • New Project Directors should make sure to select "View Financial Report" when they register as the PD to a grant. 
  • To work on FFRs in the PMS, view above section: FFR Permissions and Access in PMS

How to request the View Financial Report privilege in the EHBs 
Request View Financial Report privilege
Request View Financial Report privilege

1. To request the View Financial Reports privilege, in the EHBs home page, select the Grants tab.

Grants tab

2. Under the Grant Folder link, click the drop-down arrow under Options.

Grant Folder Options Menu

3. Select Request Privilege. 

Request Privilege option

3. In the Other Grant Privileges section, check View Financial Reports.

Grant Access Request with View Financial Reports privilege selected

4. Select Request Access to submit your request to the Project Director for this permission. 

Request Access button

No more FFR Extension Requests 

  • Because the FFR is now in PMS, you will no longer be able to request an extension to the FFR deadline from the EHBs. 
  • Recipients should make every effort to submit FFRs on time. If you cannot submit by the deadline, contact your Grants Management Specialist. 
  • Note: If you complete your project in advance of the project period end date, contact your Grants Management Specialist. 

How to report on Previously Reported Expenditures 

  • The "Previously Reported" and "This Period" fields will not be available on the FFR in the PMS. 
  • Recipients will be expected to report cumulative expenditures for the document number. 
  • If changes are necessary to prior expenditures, use the FFR Remarks in the PMS to specify the value; budget period the change corresponds to; and reason for change. 

How to share intent to carryover funds  

Currently, within the FFR recipients cannot notify HRSA about their intent to carryover unobligated balances, since this feature is not yet available in the PMS FFR. 

  • The "Carryover Request Decision" page will not be available in the EHBs. 
  • Recipients should use the FFR Remarks in the PMS regarding the intent to carryover funds, including the use of any expanded authority.

Reminder: Recipients should submit a prior approval request to carryover an unobligated balance within 30 days of submitting the FFR. 

PMS FFR Support Contact Information 

For questions about this transition, PMS system access, or technical issues related to the FFR, contact PMS FFR Support at: Email: technical or system issues with accessing or submitting the FFR in PMS, contact the PMS Help Desk:

Submit a ticket via the PMS Self-Help Portal

Phone: 877-614-5533 

Visit the Manage Your Grant: Training Reporting Requirements page on the HRSA website for additional resources related to this transitionthe FFR.