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This page was made available in the EHBs on January 26, 2023.


To enhance EHBs’ security, Applicants, Grantees, Service Providers, Consultants, and TAs will use and two-factor authentication when logging into the EHBs starting May 26, 2023. This page walks through creating a account and will have additional information added in the future with steps on logging in to the EHBs. 

If you have an existing account with the same email address you use in the EHBs, you do not need to create a new account in

Be sure your account is active and the same email address you use in the EHBs. If your account is not set up with the same email address used in the EHBs, you will need to create a new account.


For additional assistance on please reference the Help Page or Contact the Support Team

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EHBs Login Process Video

Logging into the EHBs Help page

EHBs Login Process FAQs

Creating an New Account


On the homepage you can sign into your existing account or create a new account. 

A. Select Sign in with to sign in if you have an existing account, to verify the account is active, or to reset your password.   

B. Select Create an Account to set up a new account. 

Screenshot of the landing page


The Create an account page provides details on setting up an account including the password and authentication methods. After reviewing the information, click Create and Account at the bottom of the page. 

Screenshot of the Create an account page


To create the account enter the same email address as used in the EHBs, select the preferred language, and read and accept the Rules of Use. Then click Submit.  

Screenshot of the Create your account page


After clicking Submit you will receive a confirmation email to the address used to create the account. Click Confirm email address in the email to verify your account. 

Screenshot of the Check your email message

Screenshot of the Confirm email message


After confirming your email address, create a password. Enter your password in the Password field and click Continue. You can also view helpful tips on a strong password by clicking on the plus sign next to Password Safety tips. 

Screenshot of the Create password page


Next select a primary Authentication method to be used for two-factor authentication and click Continue. The authentication method helps ensure your account is secure.

After clicking Continue you will land on a page with additional questions and setup steps based on the authentication method. Follow the prompts to complete the setup. 

Screenshot of the Authentication Method Setup page


After completing the authentication method setup you will have the option to setup a backup method. Click Add another method to setup a backup, or click Skip for now to complete your account setup. 

Screenshot of the Secondary authentication method page


After completing the authentication method set up you will land on Your Account page and your account is created. You can add or edit any information as needed. 

Screenshot of the Your Account page

Using an Existing Account

If you have an existing account with the same email address as used in the EHBs, enter your email address and password and click Sign in to verify your account is active.  

If your account is not set up with the same email address used in the EHBs, follow the instructions above to create a new account. 

Screenshot of the Sign in page

titleImportant Information!

Creating or verifying your account is the only action needed at this time. You must have an active account by May 26, 2023.