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In the EHBs, grantees with “Other Submission” edit privileges can submit Budget Information as part of their Other Submissions. 

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Editing and Submitting an Other Submission (EDM)


Login to the EHBs ( ) as a Grantee using and two-factor authentication. 

For information about logging into the EHBs and, refer to the EHBs Login Process help pages. 

Screenshot of the EHBs login page

2Click the Tasks tab from the top header options. 

Screenshot of the EHBs home page showing the Tasks tab


On the Pending Tasks - List page, click Submissions from the Grants section in the left navigation panel. The Submissions - Incomplete List page opens.

Screenshot of the Pending Tasks List page showing the Submissions option from the left menu


Click Edit for an Other Submissions task type.

Screenshot of the Submissions Incomplete List page showing the Other Submissions task type and Edit option


On the EDM Submission page, select the forms from the left menu and enter the details in the structured budget forms. 

Screenshot of the EDM Submissions page highlighting the left navigation menu


You can use the left navigation menu to add budget information to each structured form. OR you can click  Update within the EDM Submission – Status Overview section.

Screenshot of the EDM Submission Status Overview page

6After selecting a form or clicking Update, complete all required fields on the Budget Information forms. 

Screenshot of the Budget Information Form

7After completing the budget forms, select Submit within the left navigation menu. Go through the details provided and Submit the Prior Approval Request.

Screenshot of the Review and Submit section highlighting the Submit button

8Once you click Submit you will be directed to the EDM Submission – Submit Page. Review the sections and click Submit to HRSA if the EDM has been finalized.

Screenshot of the EDM Submission Status page showing the Submit to HRSA button

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