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General Questions

At what point can I start working on the FFR?

The FFR will be available for data entry one day after the budget period start date. The FFR will appear in the financial reports list and users with access to the Financial Reports will see the available date indicated in the Available Date field.

How can I print the FFR?

Use the printer icon in the system toolbar at the bottom of the page to print a page you are viewing. To print the entire SF-425 form, click the SF-425 link under the "Current Document" header at the top of the page and click the printer icon located in the system toolbar at the bottom of the page.

I am logging in to do my report but I do not see the grant in my portfolio, shouldn’t it be there automatically?

No, for every grant you need to access, you will need to add the grant to your portfolio using: your Grant Number, your PIN number from the Payment Management System, and your Account ID from Payment Management System. If you have difficulty with this process please contact the HRSA Contact Center.

I have accessed my grant through the portfolio but I do not see any links for financial reports, why don't I see the Financial Reports link?

If you do not see the “Financial Reports” link under the submissions section in the left-side menu it could be one of two issues. First make sure you are in the correct grant handbook for the FFR you are trying to submit. Each grant has its own FFR based on the reporting requirements on the Notice of Award (NOA). Second, if you are in the correct grant and do not see the link on the left hand menu you may not have access to Financial Reports for the grant.

I have finished working on the FFR and am ready to submit but there are some sections that still say in progress or not complete in their status bars. Should I worry about this?

Yes! When a section status is "In Progress" or "Not Complete" you will not be able to submit the FFR. Re-check the section to make sure all fields with a red asterisk (*) have been completed. If you receive an error that the data does not meet certain validation criteria, you may need to correct your data. You may contact the HRSA Contact Center for questions pertaining to the error; however, you may be referred to your GMS if the issue is of a programmatic nature.

I have finished working on my FFR and all sections show complete but I do not see the submit button in the report, how do I submit?

In order to submit your FFR, you will see a review and submit link(s) on your left hand menu in the report. If you select submit and the system displays an error stating you do not have permission to view the page or perform the requested action, you should contact the HRSA Contact Center. If you do not see the submit option, this may also mean that you do not have submit privileges for the FFR. In this case, please contact the HRSA Contact Center as we can tell you which member associated with your grant can grant you the necessary privileges to submit the report. If you are an FRA (meaning you used the PIN from PMS to add the grant to your portfolio) then contact the HRSA contact center as there may be a technical error involved.

I submitted my report but I realized I put in incorrect information, can you un-submit the report of me?

In order to have a submitted FFR returned to a grantee. The grantee will need to contact the GMS who is reviewing the FFR and request that they return the report to the grantee by selecting they do not agree with the information provided (request change). The FFR will then reappear in the grantee’s pending queue in a change requested status. If the GMS has already reviewed and approved the FFR, the grantee should be able to search their submitted FFRs and revise the FFR in question. The grantee can contact the HRSA Contact Center with questions on locating the submitted FFR in order to revise.

I submitted my report but I just realized I need to request a carryover/ extensions without funds; can I reopen the report and have this corrected?

No, you will need to create a prior approval request, requesting either the carryover or extension without funds request. This will allow you to request the prior approval request, NOTE: the budget period for the carryover will not appear until the FFR has been reviewed! If the time limit in which you can request the carryover is ending soon you should contact your GMS to let make them aware of the situation.

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