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  1. Turn on your computer volume
  2. Select quality settings to 720p for sharpest resolution
  3. Click play.

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  1. Anonymous

    Looking forward to the new UI !!! This will be great!!

  2. Anonymous

    It looks great on the surface - some of the concerns that we have had with the functionality was not necessarily with the interface, but rather with the nuances. For example, it would be great to clarify and redefine roles such as the AO, BO, Financial Reporting Administrator. AO's should be able to automatically see every grant or application that is going to be submitted under their organization's name without having to be added to a grant. Old applications whose deadline has passed should be archived automatically and not linger on the HRSA Handbooks until the user tells it to be archived. Creating organizational reports for scope of service and for UDS, for example, should not be hidden inside the grants; especially considering that the UDS information is available for outside entities to access. I appreciate the new interface, and hopefully the functionality will also become as streamlined.

  3. Anonymous

    These look like great improvements! I also agree with a previous comment about roles and access.  AO's should be able to see all grants associated with their organization automatically.  The request to add a grant to the portfolio has been a bit confusing for those working with grants at my institution.  As with all new systems it takes some time to get used to. I wish there was one system for all federal grants with the same format for submitting and reporting.

  4. Anonymous

    The new format looks promising.  As an official in the sponsored programs office, I have expended significant time explaining to project managers how to navigate the current site.  The new site appears to be much easier.  I have also been frustrated in not being able to see if managers were late with their reports or to be able to print out copies of progress reports for the A-133 auditors without first getting the project manager to provide access.  I’m hopeful the changes will now allow organization automatic access to address compliance requirements.

  5. Anonymous

    I am looking forward to working with these updates.  I would agree with previous comments as well.  Especially, AO's being able to see all grants associated with their organization automatically and the suggestion that old applications with expired deadlines be automatically archived and removed from the handbook.

  6. Anonymous

    Looking forward to the easier navigation!

  7. Anonymous

    I like the dashboard sections on the home page. They look like they can be helpful in prioritizing tasks. 

  8. Anonymous

    Unless we're able to sort tasks by PI, this new interface is going to make it harder for AO's to locate a particular grant on which to work, since for us anyway, our organization is listed about a dozen different ways and HRSA has never been able to consolidate all of our grants under one organization name.  I also strongly recommend that AO's be given automatic and full access to any and all grants made under the auspices of any organization with which that AO is affiliated; we shouldn't have to request access and wait for the PI to give it to us.

  9. Anonymous

    Hey...this is Tish. I like the screenshots.  Is that voiceover you? Can I share this with some of the OAM and BPHC staff or should we wait until the release. Love the plain english and love the red highlighting.  I realize that you are trying to make the data on the screenshots confidential by making them fuzzy, but I think the grantees will appreciate the use of an actual portfolio. 


  10. Anonymous

    The new features will facilitate navigation.  I would also recommend that the system provide updates regarding the status of grant applications submitted.  I like being able to view applications that were submitted, but the status of the applications should also be included somewhere on that page.

  11. Anonymous

    As an AO/BO for a centralized grants office, I have a similar concern as some of the posts above:  relying on being added to a grant by a PI in order to see what is going on for a grant - due dates, reports, applications - is very concerning.  Also, we set permissions based on our processes, we have had difficulties in having these stay in place.  I have been told Project Officers can provide access to PIs - if we establish permissions as an organization it would be appreciated if they are maintained. 

  12. Anonymous

    Looks like a big improvement, but I'll wait to see how it actually works before passing judgment.

  13. Anonymous

    Looks like a big improvement, but I'll wait to see how it actually works before passing judgment I agree with this writer must wait and try it to see.

  14. Anonymous

    Looks great and much more user friendly!

  15. Anonymous

    I like the user friendly format and appreciate the plain English.  The AO/BO should be able to see all applications and reporting requirements...

  16. Anonymous

    It looks very easy to navigate, but only using it and time will tell if this is true.

  17. Anonymous

    This looks very promising.  EHB has always been so confusing.  I ended up hunting for everything.  Hopefully this will keep me better organized.

  18. Anonymous

    Looks user friendly!

  19. Anonymous

    Thumbs up!

  20. Anonymous

    Like it! 

  21. Anonymous

    Great job - both for the new user interface and the introductory video !

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