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The functionality on this page has been made available as of November 17, 2017.


The EHBs Screen Sharing feature will allow the HRSA Contact Center and BPHC Helpline staff to see your screen while assisting with your EHBs related request.
While the agents are assisting you over the phone, it may become apparent that a Screen Sharing session will help in addressing your question more efficiently. If that is the case, the Contact Center and BPHC Helpline staff will initiate a screen sharing session and instruct you to access the session.
On This Page

Initiation a Screen Sharing session

Only HRSA Contact Center and BPHC Helpline staff can initiate a Screen Sharing session.

Instructions for Accessing the EHBs Screen Sharing

1.You can use the screen sharing feature while you are working with the HRSA Contact Center or BPHC Helpline staff.


When instructed by the Contact Center or BPHC Helpline staff, click on the Share My Screen under the Resources tab in the top navigation.Screenshot of EHBs Top Navigation

You will see this message if the screen share session is not available, or if your internet browser is not setup for screen sharing.

Refer to the troubleshooting section on the bottom of this page if you keep getting this message.

Screen Sharing session not initiated note
4.Browser prompts may open for Adobe Connect. Please click on "Allow" to proceed. If these prompts do not appear, proceed to the next step.

Internet Explorer Message asking if you want to allow the website to open


Internet Explorer Security Message asking if you want to allow the website to open a program




Adobe Connect window will open. (it may open as a minimized window)

Adobe Connect is a tool that HRSA is using for the screen sharing capability.

Read the privacy and security notices on the page and click on the OK button if you agree to proceed.


Screenshot of Abobe Connect privacy and security notices
6.Once the session window opens, you will join as a Participant. Wait for the Contact Center or BPHC Helpline staff to make you a presenter.Screenshot of Adobe Connect Screen Sharing Session
7.Once you are able to see the Share My Screen menu, select the "Share My Screen" option.Screenshot of Adobe Connect Screen Sharing in progress

When presented with screen sharing options, we recommend that you share only the EHBs application.

We value your privacy and request that you close applications and browser tabs with sensitive information prior to sharing your screen.

Screenshot of Adobe Connect - Share EHBs Screen



Troubleshooting Steps

  1. The Adobe Connect add-in is required to share your screen with the HRSA staff. Your internet browser must allow add-in installation in order to for you take advantage of the Screen Sharing functionality.

  2. If the Adobe Connect Add-in is not installed, then trying to share your screen results in a prompt to download and install the Add-in (or "Lightning download").

  3. Even if the Add-in is installed, Flash Player is still required to share your screen.

  4. If you see the "Screen Sharing session has not been initiated" message when clicking on the "Share My Screen" item in the Top Navigation, communicate this to the Contact Center or BPHC Helpline for further assistance.