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This topic covers data entry, saving your work, and validating a table. It also includes a list of system-generated messages you are likely to see when saving data following data entry, and a list of table statuses, for reference.

Data Entry

Data entry is performed using keystrokes commonly used for data entry in Web-based systems. For each data-entry field, enter the data, and then press the TAB key to go to the next data-entry field. Use Shift+TAB to go backward. You can also go directly to any field by clicking it with the mouse.
The navigation in each table is set up so that pressing the TAB key takes you to the next field that you are required to report data on. The TAB directions are set based on the logical flow of data.

Saving and Validating your Work

Save and Save and Continue are available at the bottom right corner of every section of the report. (Most sections are very long, so you will probably have to scroll to the bottom of the section to see it.)

Figure 1 shows the bottom of a section of the report. Note the buttons on the right.

Figure 1: Select Menu

Screenshot of the Save and Save and Continue button

During Data entry, click Save at any time to save the data you have entered so far. The system validates the information and if the system displays a critical error message at the top of the page (see Table 1 below), you must address the error immediately. If the system displays one or more regular error messages, you may address them or disregard them (for now) and continue data entry. Save and Continue has a similar function as Save; the only difference is that choosing it will also take you to the next table. The status of your page after you choose either Save or Save and Continue will be "Complete" if there are no errors on the page. If you have no data reported on a table, you will still be able to save the page, but you will be required to provide a justification in the Reason and Comments section.

If you are working on a table that has grant-specific reports (i.e. Tables 3a, 3b, 4, 5 and 6a), the status of the pages moves to "Complete" when Universal and all applicable grant-specific reports contain no errors.

System-Generated Messages

Table 1 lists the conventions for system-generated messages you are likely to see when saving data following data entry.

Table 1: System Conventions

Screenshot of a Red circle with white line indicating critical error
Critical Error. This kind of error must be corrected in order for the system to save your data. If one or more errors of this kind appear on the page and are not corrected, the system will not save the data entered after the last successful save.
Example: Entering two in a field where 2 is called for produces a Critical Error.
Screenshot of a Red circle with white x indicating regular error
Regular Error. This kind of error will let you save the data entered until then, but if one or more errors of this kind appear on a page and are not corrected, the system will not change the status of the page to Completed. If these errors occur between the universal and grant-specific reports, the system will not change the status of the table to Validated until you correct them.
Example: Entering no data in a field where data entry is required produces a Regular Error.
Screenshot of a Blue circle with white i icon indicating Information
Information. These appear as notes to keep you informed of any important information on your report
Screenshot of a Green check mark indicating Success Message symbol
Success Message. These denote that a particular process has been executed successfully. This can appear anytime data is successfully saved or submitted.

Table Statuses

At any time, a table will be in one of the statuses given in Table 2 below.

Table 2: Table Statuses

Screenshot of the Red x icon indicating Not Started status
Not StartedAll report tables are initially in "Not Started" status (Navigating and saving data to a table causes the status to move to "In Progress").
Screenshot of the Blue exclamation mark indicating In Progress status
In ProgressData entry is in progress. The table remains in this status while data is entered and saved. Data will be saved as long as there are no critical errors.
Screenshot of Green check mark indicating Complete status
CompleteThis status applies to all tables. When you have entered all the data for each table and there are no critical or regular errors, the status of that table will move to "Completed."

Once a page has been marked "Complete," making any additional changes to the data which produces errors on the page will cause the page status to revert to "In Progress." A page will never revert to the "Not Started" status.

If the UDS Reviewer Returns Your Report for Change Request

If the UDS reviewer returns your report for change request, correct the data entry and validate the tables by following the same steps you performed initially. For more information see Working on a Change Request and Resubmitting.