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Video: Requesting a Submission Deadline Extension

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Requesting a Submission Deadline ExtensionEHBs External Users2.42 minutes

How can I request a deadline extension? 


Not all submissions allow deadline extensions. If your submission does not allow an extension request, please contact the HRSA Contact Center ( or 877-464-477) for assistance


Follow the steps below to determine if a deadline extension is allowed and submit the extension request:

  1. Go to [ and click the Tasks tab at the top of the screen. The Pending Tasks page will open.
  2. In the left navigation panel, click the Submissions link. The Submissions - Incomplete List page will open.
  3. Locate the submission for which you want to request a deadline extension. Click the drop-down menu under the Options column to view a list of options for that submission. If the submission allows extension requests, the Request Extension option will appear.
  4. Select the Request Extension link. The Submission Extension - Request page will open.
  5. Select the date to which you would like the submission deadline extended using the calendar icon or enter it directly in the format "mm/dd/yyyy."
  6. In the Record Comments text box, enter a detailed explanation as to why you are requesting an extension.
  7. Click Submit to HRSA button. The Submission Extension - Request Confirm page will be displayed. Review the information and verify that it appears correctly.
  8. Click the Submit to HRSA button to complete the process.
  9. You will receive an email notification from HRSA when a decision has been made.
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