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The EHBs integration with SAM took place on Saturday, June 23, 2012.

As of June 11, 2021, the DUNS number has been replaced with the UEI, in many places in the EHBs. For more information please check out: Transition to Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)

What is SAM?

SAM is the official on-line registrant database for the U.S Federal government that collects, validates and stores data in support of agency acquisition and award missions. Organizations must be registered with SAM in order to apply for any HRSA grant opportunity through All organizations registered in SAM are also required to update their organization's information on an annual basis.

SAM uses the DUNS number as the basis to uniquely identify a registered organization. The HRSA EHBs will integrate with the SAM database and reconcile HRSA EHBs organizations with SAM. The integration will support extracting organization details from the SAM database based on DUNS and keeping the details up to date based on a nightly automated system process.

How do I update my organization's information in the EHBs?

All organizational information in the EHBs is populated from the information in SAM. To update the EHBs information, the SAM Authorizing Official should update the information in SAM. The changes will be visible in the EHBs the following business day.

The organization name on the Notice of Award (NoA) is incorrect, how can I request that it be changed?

The organization name on your NoA may be different than the SAM organization name. The organization name on an NoA that has already been issued cannot be changed. If you are concerned about the organization name on the NoA please contact the HRSA Contact Center.

I had several organizations listed under the "My Registered Organizations" link in the EHBs, now some of those organizations are missing. Why?

As part of the SAM integration, some EHBs organization records were merged into a single organization. If you were registered to multiple organizations in the EHBs because grants you are responsible for working on were associated to different organizations in the EHBs, it's possible that they were merged into a single organization. If you have trouble accessing a grant that you were previously able to access, please contact the HRSA Contact Center.

Grant(s) that I had access to in my grant portfolio are now "missing." Why?

If two grants associated to an organization had different DUNS numbers, then a new organization record for each of the DUNS numbers was created. There will now be two organizations in the EHBs.

  • You will have access to the grants under the appropriate organization in the EHBs
  • You can navigate between organizations and update your default organization by clicking the "My Registered Organizations" in the left-side menu in the EHBs.

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